Engage with and participate in the communities where you travel

A lot of people want to give back to or volunteer in the places that they travel to. In this blog I share insights about the places that I have travelled to so that we can learn together how to do this in a smart and thoughtful way that has the best interests of the communities in mind.

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Jessica Schmit

       Hi! Welcome to the      Watchful Wanderer Blog.

I have lived in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam for 4 years and have been travelling for a lot longer. Since I have been in Vietnam I have had the pleasure of working with a number of non-profit organizations helping them to fundraise. While doing this I often got inquiries from travellers who wanted to volunteer. 

I understand the desire to help, but short term volunteering often does more harm then good. This does not mean you cannot help at all though! If you have the time and a particular skill you want to share make the commitment to be a long-term volunteer. If you do not have the time there are still lots of other ways that you can give back. 

I created this blog to share my experiences and tips about how to be a responsible traveller. You can read my posts about the places I travel to and check out the profiles of some of my favourite Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) I hope you enjoy the site!

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